Showtime 9 Registration

It’s time to register your child’s place in Showtime 9!

Each year many of our studio classes perform in Showtime! At The Point Theatre in aid of The Mayor of Eastleigh’s chosen charities.

If your child attends one of our studio classes and would like to be a part of the Showtime Cast for our performances on September 21st & 23rd at The Point, please read the information below and complete the registration form to confirm your interest.

Please note that completing the registration form does not automatically guarantee your child a space in the cast. The class teachers will decide which classes are able to take part based on cast numbers and we will let you know as soon as possible! We may have to decide not to include certain classes if our numbers are high. Thank you for your understanding


How does it work?

Compulsory Classes

Students who attend the following classes are already registered to be in the show for these classes:
– ButterflyMidis
– ButterflyJuniors
– ButterflySeniors
– ButterflyElite
– Showtime Juniors
– Showtime Seniors
– Showtime Elite

This is because these classes solely work towards the performances and so Showtime is compulsory. We still need you to complete the registration form for your child if they attend these classes as we will need their costume sizes and measurements.

Non Compulsory Classes

 If your child attends any of our other studio classes they have the option of being in the shows. The list of classes which we aim to include in the show can be viewed on the registration form. Please be assured that there is no pressure for your child to take part if they do not want to. It will not have any affect on them still attending classes. The Blue Butterfly teaching team are very good at ensuring everyone is involved in classes whilst still ensuring the routines are polished and ready for Showtime! If you have any concerns at all about your child taking part, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Complete the form

 Please ensure that you complete the form below. This will then give us an idea about our cast numbers and will also help the teachers plan the routines around who is/isn’t doing the show. In some circumstances the teachers may feel that your child isn’t quite ready for the show- this can happen if your child started quite recently with us. If that is the case, we will ensure we speak to you about it once you have submitted your form. Please ensure you provide us with accurate sizes and measurements for your child. If you are unable to provide measurements straight away, please complete the form so we know they are wanting to perform and then use the same link and submit the measurements at a later date.
A form should be completed for each child.
The deadline to complete the form is Wednesday 19th June.


We are already working on finalising the costumes. As soon as the deadline has passed we will send out costume lists detailing the costs. Costume costs will need to be paid around the 14th July to ensure they arrive in time. 

Big Rehearsals

Routines will be rehearsed and polished during your child’s usual classes. In the 6 weeks leading up to Showtime weekend we have BIG cast rehearsals where all the Showtime cast come together and rehearse the whole show. The rehearsals are 4 hours long because of this reason and its a great time for the cast to get to know each other, see the show for themselves and make new friends. It also gives us the chance to work on very important parts of the show such as the technical side and backstage organisation. We encourage all cast members to attend as many of these as possible so your child is familiar with everyone around them and know what to expect during the performances. Parents do not have to stay as we ensure we have enough DBS checked chaperones to supervise the children.
We aim to run the rehearsals on Sundays – August 4th, 11th, 18th and Sept 1st, 8th, 15th. Each long rehearsal is £10.50 and can be paid on a pay as you go basis or in full at the start of rehearsals. Please note: The Compulsory classes above may already have this cost factored into your current monthly payments. Every rehearsal is chargeable if your child is participating in Showtime. This is regardless of attendance. 


On the week of the performances there will be a dress rehearsal in the early evening of Friday 20th September. We may also have tech rehearsals for certain groups (mainly the larger and older groups) on the Thursday 19th September.

The performances take place on Saturday 21st September – a matinee and evening performance and Sunday 22nd September- a matinee performance.

Again if you have any concerns about the rehearsal and performance schedule- especially if your child is quite little, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to seeing your child shine on stage! 🙂

Showtime Registration Form

Showtime 9 Registration Form