Showtime 6

It's Showtime!


Will take place at The Point Theatre on 25th/26th September!

The following classes are aware that performing in Showtime is compulsory:

Showtime Juniors - Showtime Seniors- ButterflyMinis- ButterflyJuniors- Butterfly Seniors

However, if your child does not attend one of these classes and you have been asked to complete this form, then your child's particular class has been given the option to perform too!


To perform in the show there is a costume cost which is detailed in the Full Costume List which can be viewed here:

In order for us to order your costumes for your child, please confirm below which classes they will be performing with in Showtime. You will then receive an invoice to pay via email for your child's costumes.

Full Cast Rehearsal Costs

In addition to the costume cost there are 6 full cast rehearsals on the following dates:

August 14th - 11-2pm- Wyvern School

August 21st- 12-4pm- Wyvern School

August 28th- 12-4pm- Wyvern School

September 4th- 12-4pm- Wyvern School

September 11th- 12-4pm- Wyvern School

September 18th- 12-4pm- Wyvern School (Dress Rehearsal)

The cost for each rehearsal is £9.60 and we encourage you to book your child into as many rehearsals as possible so they get used to the hustle and bustle of the performances, meet their chaperones and make new friends in the dressing room groups.

Please Note: If your child is in Showtime Juniors, Showtime Seniors, ButterflyMinis, ButterflyJuniors, ButterflySeniors then you will not be charged additionally for these rehearsals. You would of had these costs factored into your monthly payments as the performances are compulsory for these classes.

Ordering and receiving your costumes

This form has been sent to you on Monday 26th July. Please complete the form by Sunday 1st August to ensure your child is signed up to do Showtime.

Invoices will be sent as soon as we get your form and ALL costumes must be paid for by Monday 9th August. We aim to order costumes asap in the month of August and we will have these for you by early September at the latest in time for any alterations.


Showtime Weekend

On Saturday 25th we arrive at the theatre early in the morning. There is a break in the afternoon before you return to the theatre for an early evening performance which will start at 6.30pm. On Sunday 26th September we arrive early at the theatre and there is an afternoon performance at 2pm.


Tickets for the performances will go on Sale in September and further info on this will be provided in due course.




Please tick the class/classes which your child attends and will be performing with in Showtime 6 so that we can order your child's costumes and invoice you accordingly.

Please Note: The costumes are yours to keep