Showtime Enrolment

Showtime Enrolment

Let the children have fun! A child learns better when they are in a fun and enjoyable environment and it also allows the parents to go with what their children want to do!

Thank you for your interest in our Showtime classes; these are our singing dancing and musical theatre classes, that take place on Saturdays.


Showtime Juniors – for School Year R – Year 6

  • 10.30am-12.00pm

Showtime Seniors – for School Year 7 – Year 9

  • 11.00pm-12.30pm

Showtime Elite – for School Year 10 – College Years

  • 12.30am- 2.00pm

Each class works towards our performances, which occur twice a year.

There will be a costume cost and additional rehearsals, 6 weeks prior to the show. The cost of the extra rehearsals is included in your payment.

These classes are extremely popular and it is important that regular attendance is maintained, where possible.

Each class is £9.60 per child, per week and is paid monthly, in advance, on a pro rata basis.

Please click here to see our Showtime class uniform.


Please complete the form below to enrol your child into Showtime.

Showtime Enrolment